Desiree Almendares

Desiree Almendares

Admissions Director


Financial Assistance & Scholarships

Families seeking financial aid through the NDV Scholarship Program must first apply for grant funding through the Archdiocesan Family Grants Program and the Basic Fund in early February. École Notre Dame des Victoires provides both full and partial scholarship assistance to families in need of financial support.



In order to be considered for an Archdiocesan Family Grant, families must complete the following:

  • In early February, the Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS) applications must be completed for consideration for the Family Grants Program. Families who qualify will be notified directly by the Archdiocese. Find the TADS application here:

The Basic Fund:

  • The Basic Fund is a privately funded program dedicated to broadening the educational opportunities for children by helping low-income families afford the cost of tuition at private schools. Grant amounts are based on size of household and income. Applications are available on the Basic Fund website, linked below.

In order to be considered for an NDV scholarship, families must complete the following:

  • A written request to the pastor and the principal is required, outlining the reasons for the scholarship request.
  • A completed application and corroborating information, including tax returns supporting the request for the scholarship is required.
  • Amount granted will be determined by the Scholarship Review Committee based on the family’s need and funds available.
  • Initial scholarship grants may be extended by the pastor and principal upon the request of the family based upon individual circumstances.
  • Grants of tuition may be awarded mid-year by the pastor and the principal on their sole discretion.
  • Additional supporting documentation may be requested.

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