Faith Development

1st Communion Ecole Notre Dame des Victoires prepares our Catholic students by providing daily religious instruction, sacrament preparation and other opportunities for faith development.

Preparation for Sacraments: Catholic students are able to participate in sacrament preparation including First Communion, First Reconciliation and Confirmation.

Class Masses: As a way to reinforce the school and the church parish as entities in a vibrant Catholic community, each month one mass is assigned to a different class. The class prepares for and participates in the mass and hosts a reception after the mass.

Family Masses: Once a month a 9:00am mass is designated as a family mass. NDV families contribute food and beverages for a reception after the mass.

Throughout the year students and families are given different opportunities to be involved with social and humanitarian activities such as helping to serve at St Anthony's Dining Room or visiting elderly at local convalescent homes.