Transitional Kindergarten is a developmental program that focuses on preparing students for kindergarten. NDV’s TK is a play-based academic program with plenty of hands-on experiences that stretch their curiosity. TK is grounded to inspire inquiry and to provide plenty of opportunities to grow intellectually. In TK, the student will develop important life skills such as making friendships, self advocating, and problem solving.  The Transitional Kindergarten program sets the stage for long life learning. NDV teaches to the whole child and a diverse group of learners. We strive to support each student spiritually, academically, physically, and emotionally.

TK Curriculum

Transitional Kindergarten at NDV is designed to prepare students for Kindergarten.

Literacy: Students will have mastered at least 10 – 20 sight words by the end of TK. They will also begin to decode simple CVC words as well. Reading is taught and facilitated in whole group, small groups and one one guided reading practice.

By the end of TK students will be able to identify all uppercase and lowercase letters along with properly forming all of the uppercase and lowercase letters as well. TK students are taught letters in a variety of ways including tactile, kinesthetic, visual, and auditory.  

During the third trimester TKers write in a daily journal. Where they will draw a picture and write a sentence or two daily. This helps them to learn and practice spelling and basic sentence structure and punctuation.

Mathematics: Eureka Math is a comprehensive math curriculum that is implemented at NDV TK through 8th grade. It is based on common core standards and vertically aligned so that students in different grades are working on the similar concepts at the same time. The TK curriculum is hands-on and the students use manipulatives and work in small groups daily. The curriculum focuses on (1) developing an understanding of whole numbers using concrete materials, including concepts of correspondence, counting, cardinality, and comparison; and (2) describing shapes in their environment. 

Module Topics: 

Module 1: Numbers to 5 

Module 2: Two-dimensional and Three-Dimensional Shapes

Module 3: Counting to Answer Questions of How Many

Module 4: Comparison of Length, Weight , Capacity 

Module 5: Numerals to 5, Addition and Subtraction Stories, Counting to 20 

Social Studies: TK students will learn about influential people who have helped shaped the world and the United States.  They will learn about San Francisco, California and America as well.

Science: Topics such as  the weather, the earth, animals and their lifecycles, habitats and adaptations will be explored.

Social Emotional Learning: Students will learn and practice using kind words, sharing, taking turns, as well as identifying and coping with big feelings.

Religion: Students will learn about Jesus and God; how to make the sign of the cross; various saints; and some common prayers like the Hail Mary and Our Father.


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