What’s Happening In Computers? November 2017

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  • November 20, 2017

Here’s a quick update to our classroom activities since we last checked-in:

6th Grade completed Presentation Boot Camp, where we learned presentation creation skills in Google Slides by making a presentation about our favorite piece of technology. Practice presentations in-class went well!

7th Graders finished their Biography projects, and they look great! This week, we started previewing Pixar In a Box, a Khan Academy class created in partnership with Emeryville’s own Pixar Animation Studios. This class shows students how the math and science skills they learn are applied by professionals in a real-world setting. Students can choose a topic they’re interested in, whether it’s color, patterns, hair physics, and more, and work through the self-paced lessons. After Thanksgiving break, we’ll break into groups and work on topics we find interesting together.

8th Graders will finish their portfolio websites when we return from Thanksgiving break. The plan from there is to learn about 3D-modeling with SketchUp. Hope everyone has a plan for their dream house!

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