NDV’s Vice Principal

Marc Nava, Vice Principal and Religion Coordinator, is dedicated to students’ and families’ success at NDV. Mr. Nava maintains important Parent and Students resources related to Catholic Education, Recess Supervision & Rules, Parent/Student Handbooks and Student Success Team.

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Student Success Team

At NDV we use the Student Success Team to help our students have a successful school experience. The Student Success Team is comprised of the student’s teachers, counselor, vice principal, principal and parents. The vice principal acts as the facilitator and note taker. Our purpose is to support our students’ academic, spiritual, social, and emotional well-being. Having the student’s teachers and his/her parents together provides us with a more complete picture of the student.

When a parent or teacher feels a student would benefit from an SST meeting, a Student Referral Form is initiated by the student’s teacher to begin the process. The form indicates areas of strength, areas of concern and interventions which have been used with the student. The parents also complete a Parent Preparation Form indicating the student’s strengths, the parents’ concerns, what motivates the student, and the parents’ goals and expectations for the student.

At the SST meeting, we develop an Action Plan to help the student become more successful at NDV. The Action Plan might include interventions such as, working with teachers after school, working with a tutor, monitoring of the student’s planner, and/or a request for a psycho-educational assessment to see how the student learns. The vice principal will summarize the SST meeting articulating the agreed upon interventions intended to assist the child in becoming a successful learner. Each participant will receive a written copy of the Action Plan.

Response to Intervention (RTI) forms will be part of the student’s report card. The RTI will list the interventions and the student’s progress using each intervention. Follow up meetings will be held if deemed necessary.

If, as part of your child’s action plan, he/she is permitted to use an e-Reader, laptop/tablet, iPad or other electronic device, please complete a BYOD User Agreement 2017-18.

Online Resources

Parents Education Network
The Parents Education Network offers a lot of support for parents of children with learning challenges. Visit their website for a list of speakers, workshops, and resources.

EdRev (Education Revolution) is a great opportunity for parents and their children to learn more about learning differences.

SAFE Voices
SAFE Voices is an organization of young people who have learning disabilities. They share their struggles and their successes.

Marc Nava

Marc Nava

Vice Principal and Religion Coordinator

To contact Marc Nava, please email nava@ndvsf.org or call the school office at 415.421.0069.