Mrs. Alexandra Rynes

Welcome to First Grade
I am excited to introduce myself as your first grade teacher. My name is Mrs. Alexandra Rynes. This is my fourth year teaching first grade. However, I have worked at Ecole Notre Dame des Victoires for several years, and I also attended NDV from kindergarten to eighth grade. I have wonderful memories as a student at NDV, and I hope to help create brilliant memories for your children. I have worked as an aide in kindergarten alongside Mrs. Renzi for several years and I have learned many wonderful things while in that position. In 2005, I earned a B.A. degree in Psychology as well as a minor in Art from San Francisco State University. In 2012, I received my teaching credential and a Masters in Teaching Reading from the University of San Francisco. During the summer in 2014, I was also fortunate enough to be working as a first-grade teacher at a YMCA summer school program. I enjoy attending workshops that keep me current in learning about teaching techniques, projects, lessons, classroom management, and much more. This past February I attended a 3-day first-grade conference where I was fortunate enough to gain some wonderful ideas from other first grade teachers, and I am eager to incorporate what I've learned throughout this school year.

What's Happening in 1st Grade

Spring has Sprung – March events

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Hello Everyone,

Thanks for all the support while I was away on Maternity. Miss Kelly and Mrs. Renzi did a wonderful job taking over and leading the class to great success in their learning.

I was back in time for our farm field trip on March 29, 2019, and we had a wonderfully fun time. The weather was beautiful and our time was well spent around the farm. We saw the animals which included pigs, chickens, lambs, sheep, goats, cows, baby chicks, and were able to eat some fresh veggies from their organic garden.


English Language Arts: We are running smoothly along in our SuperKids. We have been working with endings -ing, -er, -ed and are moving into long vowel sounds. We are reading lots of fun books, moving smoothly through centers, and writing about lots of fun things.

Math: We learned about tens and ones place values and worked on adding double digits.

Science: We learned about

Social Studies: We learned about women’s history month and learned about some famous women throughout history who persevered and made great accomplishments.

Religion: We learned about our Parish, Lent, and the three holy days of lent.


September News

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Welcome Autumn!

We finally have made it officially to the fall season on September 22 and the children were excited to change our season on the board to fall.

What is going on in the classroom:

Math: We are learning more about our number sentences, number bonds, missing addends, the equal sign, doubles, and doubles +1. You can check out some more info here on the parent info page about Eureka Module 1 tip sheet: sheet

English Language Arts: We have learned all about the short vowel sounds of “a”, “i”, “u”. We will continue with short “u” next week too. We have been practicing reading and comprehension. We practice our sight words daily in class and vocabulary words. I have been introducing one vocab word a week and the children love to see it in lights and are using it in their daily sentences for practice. We also enjoy reading Dragon Masters a chapter book at the end of the day.

Social Studies: We have learned about several symbols of the USA such as: the American flag, the Statue of Liberty, the bald eagle, and the Liberty Bell. We have had a lot of fun creating art projects that went along with these lessons. You may have noticed our bald eagles at back-to-school night and be on the lookout for the Statue of Liberty project that has been hung in our classroom as well. We have had lots of compliments from many teachers and visitors.

Science: We learned about our 5 senses and nutrition. We learned about the effects of eating too much sugar and we are going to continue to learn about good nutrition, taking care of ourselves, food groups, exercising, and keeping our teeth healthy.

Religion: We learned about God’s creations, the holy trinity, and the holy family. We also enjoyed creating some fun art crafts.

Next Week we will meet our big buddies in 7th grade. We will listen to a story with Ms. Carr and complete a fun religious project with our buddies with instruction from Mrs. Buford.

Next Week is also Parent-teacher conferences and I look forward to meeting with all of you while discussing all the wonderful things your child is learning.


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Hello First Grade Parents and Welcome,

I will be updating this webpage monthly and if you would like weekly updates then join the class on Class Dojo. Please email me ( if you are interested in learning how to join me on Class Dojo, it also looks as if most everyone has joined.

After School: If your child is in after school (NDVEP) then please keep us informed; me ( the office (, and NDVEP (; if your child’s regular dismissal has changed. If your child is regularly in after school please let us know when they will not be attending after school, so I can keep them in the classroom to be called and you will not have to wait as long for them to come out to be picked up, because we won’t have to go looking for them. Thank you to those of you who have been so efficient in keeping us updated, because it is super helpful. I may not answer your email right away, but I do read them when I get a chance during the school day and make note of the dismissal changes.

Homework: This week we started having homework, which went well. I have ordered some homework pouches, but the company is taking a long time shipping them out even though I ordered them 2 weeks ago. When they arrive it will help the children become more efficient in completing and returning their homework and Wednesday envelopes in on time. For now, as long as the children try to do their best in completing and returning papers in on time that is fine. They are also just getting used to this routine and it takes a lot of practice.

Just a Reminder: If you haven’t yet please send in your 1st grade supply checks or cash for $40 and headphones. Thank you to those who have already turned it in which is much appreciated.

Reminder: P.E. is on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, so please pack their gym clothes for those days. Thank you to those who remembered to pack your child’s gym clothes this week. We did run into a few problems changing, so if you could practice with your child changing in and out of their uniform that would be great so that we can be changed more efficiently on these days. Miss Kelly and I are happy to help with the buttons on the boys’ midi tops, but the boys should be able to take them off on their own. Thank you.

English language Arts: Every week we will be working on a particular set of sight words, which I will post at the beginning of each week. This week our words were focused on the short “a” and were: a, at, an, am, and, can. Our challenge words: August, America. I have weekly challenge words that usually have something to do with our lessons for the week so this week we were studying America’s Pledge of Allegiance and it was our last week of August. We will continue to study short “a” next week but with some new weekly sight words, which I will post on Tuesday on class dojo.

Math: We have started our first module in Eureka Math for first grade. Here is a link to the parent sheet all about Eureka Math Module 1:

There are six Eureka Math Modules and when we move to the next one I will send home a hard copy of the parent sheet and I will put the link on Dojo, and you can find all of them on this first-grade class website under curriculum.

If you have any questions then email me at:

I will answer emails weekdays between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm if they are in need of an urgent response and other emails I will answer within 72 hours. On the weekends, I do not check my emails regularly and will see them on Monday (except on holiday Mondays such as Labor day this weekend).

I look forward to seeing you all at back-to-school night on September 13th, and I will have more information for you then as well.

Thank you for all your support.

Best, Mrs. Rynes

Welcome Back!

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Greetings First Graders and Parents,

Welcome to First Grade! I am Mrs. Rynes the first-grade teacher and returning this year as my aide is Miss. Kelly. We look forward to getting to know your children and watching them grow throughout the year. See you soon!

The First Grade school supply list is as follows

  • 40$ Check payable to NDV with memo 1st-grade supplies – This will allow me to purchase needed supplies throughout the year. (i.e. crayons, markers, scissors, glue, paper, etc.) Thank you!
  • Backpack – Make sure the backpack your child brings can easily fit a change of clothes for P.E. days, and a folder that about 9 ½ by 11½. No oversized or rolling backpacks please because they will not fit in the classroom lockers. Thanks!
  • 1 headphone with microphone (Suggestion: Jlab JBuddies Studio Over-Ear Folding Kids Headphones ($19.99), or Puro Sound Labs OEH Volume Limited Student Headphones ($39.99), or check Amazon for kid’s headphones with microphones. All headphones should be in a case or Ziploc bag labeled with the child’s name

Here is a link for the School Supply List from the NDV website:

Please have your supplies in by September 4, 2018

Remember to be prepared for the first day of school by labeling all your child’s clothing: dresses, pinafores, shirts, shorts, shoes, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, backpacks, lunchboxes, etc. This is important so your child can get their items returned to them when they are misplaced. Especially this year when they will be changing for P.E. class. We will have P.E. class with Mr. Tsokas on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, so make sure to pack your chid’s P.E. shirt and shorts the night before they have class. Here is a link for the Dragons’ Lair where you can purchase your child’s P.E. uniform:

See you soon!

Mrs. Rynes


I will be following the San Francisco Archdiocese Curriculum Standards. The following is a condensed explanation of what your children will be studying this year.

·       Language Arts: During first grade, students will transition from emergent to authentic and fluent readers. Students will understand and recognize letter patterns, follow along, reading and summarizing simple stories with pictures, and develop an understanding of composition. Students will write clear and coherent sentences and paragraphs, and will understand the writing process.

·       Mathematics: Eureka Math was implemented last year and students will continue to excel in math though the math skills that Eureka teaches. Students will learn about number bonds, how numbers are related to one another, and different strategies that can be used to solve problems. Students will skip count and recognize numbers up to 100, identify addition and subtraction facts through 20, understand the value of money, and know the units for measurement, time, and weight. Students will understand and use number sentences, and recognize mathematical vocabulary.

·       Science: Students will be able to distinguish between living and nonliving things, understand how to use graphic organizers to show weather patterns, identify seasons, and understand the water cycle. Students will discover scientific vocabulary and discover how to ask meaningful questions and conduct careful investigations.

·       History/Social Studies: Students will understand how people live and how the location and environment can affect the way of living. Students will explore democracy, and the importance of symbols, icons, and traditions of the United States. Students will recognize specific places on a map, and understand how to read maps.

·       Religion: Students will be able to recall and recognize specific prayers such as: "Hail Mary", "Our Father", "Glory Be to the Father", "Grace" before meals, and begin to know the verbal mass responses and ceremonies. Students will recognize specific stories from the Bible, and explore the meaning of the stories life lessons. We will learn about God's love for us, the golden rule "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”, Mary is the mother of Jesus, and how to respect and love God's creations. They will also be learning more about the parts of the mass. We will also learn about different saints throughout the year and about their life and their connection to God.

·       Physical Education: Students will be attending gym class with Mr. Tsokas twice a week on Thursday, and Friday afternoons. This year Students will need to have a school gym uniform to change into at school. This consists of a NDV white t-shirt and NDV navy blue shorts. They will also need to wear the appropriate gym shoes to school on these days. Mr. Tsokas will provide you with information about the P.E. curriculum once school starts.

·       Art: Students will receive art lessons from Mrs. Lake on Friday.

·       Computers: Students will receive computer lessons from Mrs. Bisson. Half of the group will go to computers on Tuesday and the other  half will go on Wednesday.

  • Library will be with Miss. Jennifer Carr on Tuesdays and the students will be able to check out a book from the library which will be kept in the classroom and they will be able to exchange it for another every week.

Here is a link to the California State Standards that will be covered this year.

Along with this curriculum, I will provide experiences for the children in becoming lifelong learners, active Christians, healthy individuals, effective communicators, and responsible citizens. 

Assessments throughout the year will help me with planning students' assignments as I differentiate the curriculum. 


The Homework requirements for first grade are 30 minutes a night. This month we are starting homework, which they will have every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday unless there is a holiday or special occasion occurring that day. Their homework will consist of one page of either language arts or math. I will go over the homework with the students at the end of the day before I give it to them to take home. Students are also expected to read for 15 minutes or more for part of their homework.


1st Grade Prayers

Here are the prayers we will be working on this year.

  1. The Sign of the Cross
  2. Hail Mary
  3. Our Father
  4. Glory Be to the Father
  5. Grace Before Meals
  6. Grace After Meals
  7. Begin to know Mass Responses


Click on the links below to visit our favorite sites!
*NOTE* Some student sites have advertisements.  Parental guidance is recommended.
Ecole Notre Dame des Victoires Website:
Here are some links to sites where your child can explore and further their learning. Enjoy!
    • Your childs information for this site has been sent home and if you run into any problems then please feel free to contact me through my email.
    • The information for this site has been sent home and if you run into any problems then please feel free to contact me through my email.
    • The information for this site has been sent home and if you run into any problems then please feel free to contact me through my email.

Field Trips

Field Trips for the Year:

  1. TBD - CTA play performance  
  2. TBD - Villa Farms (26870 Moody Rd, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022) - Parent Letter Link about Hidden Villa
  3. Children's Creativity Museum -TBD

In-Class Stem Presentations -

TBD - Science fun with Discovery Bay Museum which will occur about 2-3 times this year.