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What's Happening in French K-3

Second Grade

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Qu’est ce que tu as perdu?

Second Graders lost their favorite pets and learned how to ask questions to get information. We are about to start our very last chapter of the year: Oú  veux tu partir en vacances?

March and April in French K to 3

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The year seems to be just flying by…

Kindergarten only has one chapter left in their program. We just finished the circus theme and clothes. We are now about to start talking about school.

1st grades know how to say “Quelle heure est il?” and answer to this question. We are about to start learning the body parts.

2nd grades are almost done with the adventures of Alex and Zoe for the year. They know everything about French lucky charms, giving directions to go places.

3rd grade has been traveling around the world with Alex and Zoe. We went to Guinee, French Polynesia, Africa, and so many other francophile countries. They know how to talk about past events. They love the song “Baobab”.


Le mois de février

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  • Kindergarten has learned the body parts. They loved playing the game of “Jacques a dit” and singing the”Jean petit qui danse” song.

  • First graders can now talk about their hobbies and clothing.
  • Second grades are able to discuss what forest animals like to eat. They can also explain what scares them and why.
  • In third grade, we have been learning about French history and the Gaulois.

À bientôt


January in French K-3

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It has been a very busy month so far in French K-3. We started the year by celebrating the Epiphanie and talked about “La Galette” and “Le jour des rois” en France.

  • Kindergarten has learned all about food and what they like or not (to eat). We are now in a new chapter focused on sports. We enjoy doing “la gymnastique” parce que c’est “fantastique”!
  • 2nd graders have been working on asking questions, especially at a restaurant and talking about their preferences. We also learned about the ingredients to make crepes as we just celebrated “La Chandeleur” on February 2nd.
  •  In 1st grade, we are currently learning to ask and talk about “Qu’est ce que tu sais faire” (What do you know how to do); lire, compter. jouer au billes etc…
  • Finally 3rds graders know everything about the different regions in France and their specific souvenirs such as Lyon et Guignol, Le savon de Marseille, les cigognes d’Alsace.
  • A bientot!


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On Monday and Tuesday, 2nd graders had some Thanksgiving activities. They learned new vocabulary through small sentences (Je mange une pomme rouge/I eat a red apple, J’aime sentir l’odeur de la tarte/I like the smell of the pie, Les épis de maïs sont jaunes/The ears of corn are yellow, La citrouille est orange/The pumpkin is orange, La dinde est cuite pour le souper/The turkey is cooked for dinner) and a words search. They also had the opportunity to write what they are grateful for (Je dis merci pour ma famille, mes amis…/I am grateful for my family, my friends…). These activities are in a booklet they’re taking home after Tuesday’s class. Finally, they learned a Thanksgiving song (
Joyeuse action de grâce!

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