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On Monday and Tuesday, 2nd graders had some Thanksgiving activities. They learned new vocabulary through small sentences (Je mange une pomme rouge/I eat a red apple, J’aime sentir l’odeur de la tarte/I like the smell of the pie, Les épis de maïs sont jaunes/The ears of corn are yellow, La citrouille est orange/The pumpkin is orange, La dinde est cuite pour le souper/The turkey is cooked for dinner) and a words search. They also had the opportunity to write what they are grateful for (Je dis merci pour ma famille, mes amis…/I am grateful for my family, my friends…). These activities are in a booklet they’re taking home after Tuesday’s class. Finally, they learned a Thanksgiving song (
Joyeuse action de grâce!

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3rd Grade

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J’ai envie de…
This week, the 3rd graders started a new unit. They learned new words (la forêt – the forest, la plage – the beach, le désert – the desert, la cascade – the waterfall, la rivière – the river, la montagne – the mountain, une grotte – a cave) and how to build the plural of words in French. They realized a little project, illustrating these new words and writing them in the singular and plural forms.
They will be able to tell about wishes and build small sentences like “J’ai envie d’explorer une grotte” (I would like to explore a cave) or “J’ai envie de faire du ski à la montagne” (I would like to go skiing in the mountain).


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