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Hello Kindergarten families, I am so excited to have your children in class this year! I can't wait to get to know your families and children this school year, and to explore all the fun things Kindergarten has to offer!

What's Happening in Kindergarten

Kindergarten Meet Cass & Oswald!

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Happy Monday!

Our class met new friends named Cass and Oswald today.  They are the first Super Kids from our new phonics and reading program.

Cass has a cat named Coconut and she also loves to cook casseroles in the kitchen.  While meeting Cass, the class reviewed the letter C and the /k/ sound.  A good way to reinforce this review of the letter C and the /k/ sound is to have your child help you in the kitchen and talk about things that begin with the letter C.

Oswald is an expert at odd animals like Octopus, Otters, Oxen, and Ocelots.  While meeting Oswald, the class reviewed the letter O and the short vowel /ŏ/ sound.  A good way to reinforce this review of the letter and short /ŏ/ sound is by brainstorming other words or even “odd” animals that have the same beginning letter and sound!

The kindergarten class will be introduced to more friends that will aid in their reading this week! Stay tuned 🙂


Pop Rockets with EDMO

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Happy Monday,


Last week, the Kindergarteners had a super fun science activity out on the yard with Ms. Marina from EDMO!  They experimented with the temperature of the water that is added to the alka selzer in the film canisters 🙂 . Ask them all about their findings!


Dani with her pop rocket!

Matthew is ready fo his pop rocket to explode!

Around 5 pop rockets were launched at a time, and the rest of the Kindergarteners were spectators!


Auckland, Olivia, George, and Dino getting ready for their rocket launches!

Kindergarten backed up behind the “launch area” to avoid any accidents.


Halloween Festivities

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Happy Tuesday!

Although Halloween was last week, we wanted to share with you all some photos from our Halloween celebration and parade!  Every Kindergartener participated in dressing up, so we got 30 spirit points!

The entire Kindergarten class in their super awesome Halloween costumes!

Ms. Shannon as the Dog with a Donut

Mrs. Keene as the Mouse with a Cookie

Ms. Mika as the Cat with a Cupcake

The Kindergarteners loved showing off their creative costumes.

Here are Ollie, Madison, Milo, Arsen, Jesús, George, and Makai with Mr. José!

Stella, Apoline, Zoë, and Dani having a blast at recess in their costumes.

Auckland as DJ and Piera as Queen Elsa at the start of our Halloween parade.


Thank you to all of the parents who came and joined our little celebration! Especially to the parents who planned and prepared the snacks for the students– we appreciate you all! 🙂


-The K Team

Día de los Muertos (All Souls’ Day)

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Happy Friday!

Día de los Muertos is a special tradition originating from Mexico where families set up altars to commemorate the faithful departed.  It begins on October 31st and continues until November 2nd.  The Kindergarteners had a Social Studies lesson on this tradition and did a beautiful Sugar Skull art piece.


Have a great weekend!


-K Team

Our Trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

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Every year in October, the Kindergarten and 8th grade students share a very special day together at a pumpkin patch in the beautiful Half Moon Bay.

Here are some photos from the fun-filled field trip this year!

Kindergarten and 8th Grade buddies group picture after jumping off of haystacks — super fun!

Piera (with her hay mustache) and Makai in front of the chicken coops.

Jesús as a spooky skeleton!

Dani being pushed in a wheel barrow by her big buddy Ava.

Apoline and Dino playing on the old farmer truck!

Kindergarten with their teachers, and some 8th graders jumping off the haystacks.


Zoë and Lily in front of a field of pumpkins!

Oliver Schaaf, Olivia, and their big buddy Aleksander!

Milo and his big buddy Franco!

Oliver Cordero and his big buddy Payton!


Kellan sitting on a giant pumpkin!


Lunch at the beach!

Luke and Madison

Auckland and Luca

Milo and Stella



-The K Team

LED Circuit Creatures with Edmo

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Happy Friday!

This week, the Kindergarteners had a special visitor from Edmo, which is a summer camp that does hands-on science lessons throughout the school year at schools throughout the city.  Ms. Marina came in and taught the Kindergarten about circuits!  They learned about the three main components of a circuit: 1) Power Source (battery), 2) Load (LED light), and 3) Conductor (wires). After the brief lesson, the students were given the time and freedom to create any type of creature or object that can light up.  Each student was given a coin battery and an LED light to add to their creations. Some students created little creatures and some built tents or houses!

Ms. Marina from EDMO introducing herself to Kindergarten!

A demonstration of a “Human” circuit.  The students gently squeezed their neighbors’ hands as the “electricity” flowed through the conductors from the power source and reached the load.

Working hard on their creations!


-The K Team


Spreading God’s Love with the The Gubbio Project

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Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a blessed Sunday.

This past Thursday, the Kindergarten class gathered with their 8th grade Buddies to prepare meals for our friends who are a part of the Gubbio Project. It was lovely to see the Kindergarten being such responsible citizens and active Christians, with their 8th grade Buddies leading by example.

The students made at least 3 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (most of our friends went above and beyond!) to bag with other nutritious and filling foods.  Students with peanut allergies did not miss out on spreading God’s love with the community!  They wrote many notes, with kind words, to add to the bags of food.

Many thanks to the parent volunteers who brought in the ingredients and snacks for the baggies, and helped facilitate the making of the sandwiches!

Have a lovely week.

-The K Team


Literacy Centers!

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Happy Monday and First Day of October!

Last week, we began our super fun and engaging Literacy Centers for Phonics!  The centers consist of various activities presented in different ways: three centers with a teacher and two independent centers.  The centers with a teacher were: 1) an introduction to the Kindergarteners’ first set of sight words (I, in, and, a, run),  2) matching sounds to the corresponding letter in the alphabet, and 3) matching lower case letters to their corresponding upper case letter. The independent centers were a Handwriting Without Tears worksheet of our letter of the week “I” and the “I” pages in our Jolly Phonics workbooks.  The independent centers promoted productivity and ownership of their work! We plan on doing Literacy Centers for Phonics every week; however, the activities will vary as the year progresses.  We are so proud of the first round of Centers we completed this week, and look forward to an even better one this week!


Reminder: This week will be Parent-Teacher conferences, so dismissal is at 12:40pm every day.


-The K Team


Faith Families

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Hope everyone had a Blessed Sunday yesterday!

At NDV, one of our Schoolwide Expectations is to be an “Active Christian.”  Today, the Kindergarteners met with their Faith Families for the very first time!  Faith Families consist of a student from every grade, with the Kindergartener’s 8th grade buddy as a leader.  Each family is assigned a Patron Saint that they discussed and learned about today.  For some of our school liturgies, the students will be sitting with their Faith Families to practice exhibiting the characteristics of an active Christian.

-The K Team


Our curriculum at NDV is an array of various programs that we are very excited to teach! The curriculum includes but is not limited to: Jolly Phonics, Sight Words, Eureka Math, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Fusion Science, and We Believe Religion.

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