Ms. Sharon Hupf

Resource Teacher
Welcome to the Student Center. NDV's Mission Statement states in part that "we support a diverse group of learners." The Student Center is open daily to serve students. Students receive support with organization, specific content area skills, and test preparation. We encourage the development of strengths and talents while supporting academic areas of difficulty.

What's Happening in Resource

About Resource

Students who have identified learning differences meet in small groups in the Student Center five days a week instead of taking French.  An Action Plan agreed upon by our Student Success Team (SST), made up of the student, his/her parents, teachers, the resource teacher, and the NDV administration institutes services.  See the vice-principal's web page for more information about the SST Program.

In addition to the standard quarterly report card, students receive a Supplemental Report Card and a Response to Intervention form describing his/her interventions and the progress made using each intervention.

Organization is going to be one of our primary focuses this year.  As parents/guardians you can help by sitting with your child on the weekend and putting all extra-curricular activities, medical appointments, family commitments, etc. on the student's planner.  Each Monday, we will look at the week ahead to determine the best way to complete assignments and prepare for tests.

BYOD Agreement

If your interventions allow you to use your personal laptop/tablet, you should complete a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Agreement.  The Agreement should be given to the Resource Teacher.

BYOD Agreement