Ms. Valerie Genc

French K-3 Teacher
Bonjour et bienvenue ! I am pleased to be teaching French to your Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade children. I am committed to help your children learn French and to have them experience success. I look forward to a year filled with much learning and fun, and many conversations « en français ».

What's Happening in French K-3

My favorite…

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This week, with the Kindergarten, we have been reviewing some vocabulary about the animals of the farm, pieces of clothing, fruits & vegetables, sports, school subjects and recess activities…  They completed small sentences about what are their favorite in each category. Here are some of their creations!

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Recess activities

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The kindergarten students are currently learning about school. We went over recess activities (jouer à l’élastique/to play French-skipping, jouer à la marelle/play hopscotch, jouer aux billes/play with marbles, jouer à cache-cache/play hide and seek, jouer aux dominos/play dominoes, sauter à la corde/jump rope). After that, they drew what was their favorite activity!

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The 3rd graders have seen how they can describe themselves (hair, eyes, nose, mouth, ears). After studying new vocabulary and adjectives, they drew their own portrait and wrote couple of sentences about their face. Here are some of their portraits!

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Mon animal préféré

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The 2nd graders have been working on describing animals in French. They worked then on a little project, presenting their favorite animal. They had to say what color(s) it is, what does it eat and where does it live. Here are some of their projects!

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Que faire à San Francisco?

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With the 3rd graders, we worked a lot about souvenirs one can bring back from France or another city. By groups, they prepared poster about San Francisco, explaining what is San Francisco famous for, what tourists can do/visit in the city, which souvenirs they should buy and what they should eat.


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“Je préfère”

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This week, the second graders learned about the verb “préférer” (to prefer) and used it to say what they prefer among different things (food, drinks, colors, activities, sports, etc.). This last couple of days, they wrote a little poem about what they prefer:

“Mon animal préféré, c’est…” (My favorite animal is…)

“Ma matière préférée à l’école, c’est…” (My favorite subject at school is…)

“Ma boisson préférée, c’est…” (My favorite drink is…)

“Ma nourriture préférée, c’est…” (My favorite food is…)

“Mon passe-temps préféré, c’est…” (My favorite hobby is…)

“Mon sport préféré, c’est…” (My favorite sport is…)

“Ma couleur préférée, c’est…” (My favorite color is…)

“Mon nombre préféré, c’est…” (My favorite number is…)

Here are some of their works!

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Souvenirs from San Francisco

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With the third graders, we’re currently working on souvenirs we can bring back from France, such as cheese, puppets, soap, perfume, a mini Eiffel Tower, bocci balls, postcards….  In little groups, the kids worked on souvenirs tourists can bring back from San Francisco. Here are some propositions!

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Over the first three units of “Félix and Lila”, the Kindergarten kids learned about colors, food and animals. They were ready to make a little presentation about themselves, telling their name, age and naming three things they like and three they don’t (mostly colors, food items and animals). They have been doing an amazing job, check it out!

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Here are the books we use in French K-3 this year. You will also find a link to the curriculum for each grade.


ZigZag 1


First Grade:

Alex et Zoé 1


Second Grade:

Alex et Zoé 2


Third Grade:

Alex et Zoé 3



Kindergarten students will not have homework on a regular basis. However, they might be asked to finish something at home.

First grader will not have homework on a regular basis. However, they have a CD-ROM in their Méthode de Français that they can take home to practice what has been done at school.

Second grader will have homework about once a week to reinforce what has been studied at school.

Third grader will have homework about twice a week as a reinforcement of what has been studied at school.


French class starts usually with a prayer in French.

Students will learn:

- Notre Père:ère_image-1.jpg

- Je vous salue Marie:

Class Projects


Along the year, students will have the opportunity to make fun projects in French. Here are some examples of what they will do !

• To present themselves ;
• To present French food ;
• To present what they like and don't like ;

1st Grade
• To present a French personality ;
• To make small comic pages ;
• To present a Parisian building ; 

2nd grade
• To write a postcard to a friend ;
• To present a French city/region ;
• To present an endangered animal of France ;

3rd Grade
• To make riddles in French ;
• To build small « books » about themselves/French personalities/French landscapes ;
• To create a collage « à la Matisse » ;