Ms. Jackie Emmerich

Fifth Grade Teacher

What's Happening in 5th Grade


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September was a busy month for 5th grade!

We kicked off our science unit on water with a visit from an officer in the United States Guard. Officer Clark spoke with the kids about the Coast Guard’s duties with special emphasis on hurricanes!

In early September, students learned about Native American legends. After reading The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush, the 5th graders wrote their own legends and created art just like the Native American child in the story. Students are continuing to learn about the customs and traditions of various Native American tribes through an interactive research project.

We just finished our first novel, Frindle, in which the students discussed themes of determination, kindness, and friendship. Students have also been learning about using evidence from the text to support their answers.

This week, we will be wrapping up the final drafts of our personal narratives. Students have been focusing on writing strong hooks, dialogue, and transition words in their writing.

After meeting with their faith families this month, students enjoyed sitting with children from different grades during our school liturgy last week. In class, they used their creative sides to create iMovie “commercials” to spread the good news of Jesus through evangelization!

5th graders have been working hard and are looking forward to a field trip in October as well as the Halloween parade and party!

Back to School 2018-19

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5th grade has been off to a great start! The students have been working hard as we continue to learn more about one another.

After their first week, fifth graders have already completed two STEM experiments focusing on teamwork and communication. They have been introduced to decimals in math and have started the pre-writing stage of their personal narratives. As students read our first class novel, Frindle, they are learning about the power of words and appreciation of those around you.

Our first school liturgy was a success as students focused on the message of mercy towards those around us. We will continue learning about the Kingdom of God through a variety of prayers, projects, and readings in the classroom.

Overall, the beginning of the school year has been a great success and I look forward to getting to know more about the class of 2022 this year!

-Ms. Emmerich

5th Grade News!

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As we move later into Autumn, things are changing in 5th grade! I have loved working with and getting to know the students so far! Here are a few updates:

We are reading a novel called Walk Two Moons in class. The students are enjoying getting to discuss the book in literature circles each week.

We just wrapped up our narrative writing unit and are moving on to informational writing. Students are learning how to research information and organize their findings coherently.

In math, we are learning about multiplying and dividing multi-digit numbers and decimals. The students are working hard in class as well as in “math club” on Fridays during lunch!

We had some spooky science fun on Halloween when we learned about the bones in our body and created “x-rays” of our hands. The fifth graders are finishing up their body system projects and are looking forward to presenting them to the class this week!

Students went back in time to become explorers on ships sailing for the new world during our social studies simulation in October. They are finishing up their reports on influential explorers and will present next week!

The first quarter was a big success and I know that quarter two will be just as great! Keep up the good work fifth grade!


Welcome Back!

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Dear Fifth Grade Families,

Welcome back to NDV and the new school year! I am looking forward to starting school on Thursday and to meeting all of the new fifth graders. This year will be filled with lots of learning and adventure. Fifth grade is a wonderful year for students in which they are challenged to do their very best every day.

Students will be given more responsibility of their own learning as they prepare to enter middle school! Staying organized and establishing strong study skills are a couple of ways that students can be sure to be successful this year.  I will do my best to keep this website up to date as the year progresses.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time!

Ms. Emmerich


5th Grade Curriculum Overview

* Religion Text - "We Believe"

·       The celebration of the Christian Mystery including a deeper understanding of the seven sacraments of Initiation, Healing, and Service

·       Locate scriptures in the bible to interpret, discuss, and role play

·       Christian Prayer: parts of the Mass; The Lord's Prayer; Prayer to the Holy Spirit; the Rosary Canticle of Mary; Prayer of St. Francis; Act of Contrition

·       Learn about Saints

·       Continue being active Christians through community outreach.


* Family Life

·       Students explore their relationship with God, family, peers, and the global world

·       Develop an understanding and appreciation for the basic functions of the male and female reproductive systems

·       Understand and appreciate physical & psychological changes that come with puberty


*Math Text - Eureka Math

·       Common Core State Standards



* Science

·       Life Science - levels of organization in plants and animals; study body systems

·       Earth Science - study of astronomy, water cycle, weather and climate

·       Physical Science - study of elements and properties of matter

·       Investigation & Experimentation - ongoing experiments & participation in Science Fair


* Social Studies

·       Early explorers and their routes to the United States

·       Cooperation & conflict among Native Americans & settlers

·       Settlers and struggle for Independence

·       Immigration

·       State research


* Language Arts

·       Literature circles (novels)

·       Spellography – spelling text

·       English - grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization

·       Writing - strategies, expository, narrative, letters, research, responses to literature

·       Listening & Speaking - strategies, comprehension, oral reports and responses to literature


Classroom Procedures & Expectations

Follow the class rules.

1.  Follow the R.I.S.E. Way.

2.  Be honest.

3.  Respect one another and our environment.

4. Have fun and do your best! 


Field Trips

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Class Projects

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Students have 45-60 minutes of homework a night on average. All students are responsible for writing down homework in their agendas at the end of every day.