Mrs. Connie Buford

Librarian/7th Grade Religion
Welcome to the NDV library and the 2018-19 school year! I am excited to be back among the many books and look forward to sharing many new stories and books with the students. Grades 3 - 8 will visit the library weekly. Throughout the school year, we will focus on library and study skills, as well as sharing among the students what they have read through "Book Talks".

What's Happening in Library

November, 2018

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October ended on a fun note with a visit from award winning author & illustrator, Bethanie Murguia. Ms. Murgia engaged kindergarten, first and second grades with her drawings and a slide presentation sharing stories she had written when she was younger as well as sightings of unicorns! After reading her latest book, Do You Believe in Unicorns?, she answered questions about her writing and signed numerous books for the students. To discover more magic you can download the free app,!

The NDV 7th grade religion class this trimester studied the Mass more in depth and demonstrated their knowledge making booklets for younger students, designing posters of the four main parts, and creating slide show presentations. They began Halloween Day with their first grade buddies reading stories they had written in Language Arts. With the help of their buddies, they illustrated the storybooks.


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Grades 3-8 have visited the library weekly and all students should be familiar with Melvil Dewey and the Dewey Decimal System.  The classes have enjoyed read alouds and participated in other various activities.  Middle School classes often have a lesson in Current Events from Scholastic.  Currently the 8th graders are creating media presentations for younger students about The NDV Library, showing them how to navigate the library set-up and various procedures.

Be sure to check out when looking for books for your child in his/her reading level. It is a great site as books are also listed by interests.

Book Clubs have started for grades 4, 5, 6, and 7-8.  We meet every other week in the library during lunch to discuss characters, the story line, and see if we can relate in some way to the book.   The students vote on the book they would like to read.



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The books have missed the students!  I’m looking forward to a great school year spending quality time with the students and sharing the many wonderful books in our NDV Library!  The library isn’t just for browsing and reading.  Students will continue to learn about the Dewey Decimal System through videos and scavenger hunts.  They will research our inventory through our Alexandria data system.  The best is when students share their favorite books with their classmates!

Birthday Book Program

One way our NDV school community adds new books to our library collection is through the Birthday Book Program.  On or around a student's birthday, they will receive a birthday bookmark in the Wednesday envelope.  Families interested in participating may then donate the approximate cost of a new, hardcover book.  Students then choose from a selection of new, award-winning books, and a special sticker with the student's name and birthday will be placed in the chosen book.  This birthday book will join the library collection and be enjoyed by NDV students for many years to come!

7th Grade Religion

7th Grade Religion class meets daily.  Group and individual projects will be assigned throughout the year, including: research reports; skits; power point presentations; etc.  7th grader students will pair up with 1st grade students for our buddy program for some fun activities during the year.

Text: We Live Our Faith As Disciples of Jesus    (

Focus: Jesus' life; his teachings; the sacraments he instituted

Unit 1: Who is God? (The Creed and Divine Revelation)

Unit 2: Who is Jesus? (Jesus in the Gospels and through Church teaching)

Unit 3: How is Jesus Christ Alive in the Church Today?

(The Sacraments and Liturgy)

Unit 4: How Does the Church Live as the Body of Christ?

(Catholic Social Doctrine and Vocations)

Prayers:  Nicene Creed/Apostles Creed; Lectio Divina; Christian Meditation; Leading simple prayer celebrations



San Francisco Public Library Database:

*Middle School Students:  Please have your SF Public Library card number to access their library database.  Go to if you still need a card.  It's fast and easy to apply online.

The Lexile Framework for Reading  -
A great resource to find books for your child in his/her lexile reading range.