Ms. Kim Balkoski

6th Grade Homeroom/6th-8th Math
Bonjour! For the last eight years I taught middle school math (in English) at Lycee Francais de San Francisco. I enjoy practicing my French. I love NDV's choice of math curriculum- Eureka- and am looking forward to integrating fun projects that allow middle school students to apply all they will be learning in this rich math program. I am looking forward to all that awaits us in the year ahead: guiding my students through these challenges as well as working closely with parents to ensure their success. Along with providing my students with endless opportunities for academic success, I want to help them grow into happy, self-confident students who encounter academic and social challenges with perseverance and determination. Every experience should help students to build self-esteem, curiosity, and work toward realizing their incredible potential.

What's Happening in 6th Grade Homeroom/6th-8th Math

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Eureka math curriculum- which closely follows the California common core. The curriculum emphasizes mastering multiple explanations for problem-solving and practicing the discourse of mathematics. For grading purposes, weights are assessments and projects (65%), homework and classwork (25%) and participation (10%).

6th grade math- six independent modules:
1. Ratios and Unit Rates
2. Arithmetic Operations Including Division of Fractions
3. Rational Numbers
4. Expressions and Equations
5. Area, Surface Area, and Volume Problems
6. Statistics

7th grade math- six independent modules:
1. Ratios and Proportional Relationships
2. Rational Numbers
3. Expressions and Equations
4. Percent and Proportional Relationships
5. Statistics and Probability
6. Geometry

8th grade math- seven independent modules:
1. Integer Exponents and Scientific Notation
2. The Concept of Congruence
3. Similarity
4. Linear Equations
5. Examples of Functions from Geometry
6. Linear Functions
7. Introduction to Irrational Numbers Using Geometry


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For parent guides for each module for Eureka middle school math, here are links for each grade level:

Sixth grade

Seventh grade

Eighth grade




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