Staff and Administration

NDV has a highly talented, creative and dedicated faculty. The staff includes head teachers, classroom aides, a full-time vice principal/religion coordinator, a music teacher, an art teacher, technology teacher, technology integration specialist, P.E. instructor/athletic director, school counselor, a kindergarten to second grade librarian, grades 3-8 librarian and playground supervisors. Below is a list of the faculty and staff and their e-mails:

Rev. Juan J. Gonzalez, S.M., Pastor

Mrs. Sarah Currier, Principal

Dr. Carrie Schroeder, Vice Principal and Religion Coordinator

Mrs. Michelle Astabie, School Secretary

Mrs. Desiree Almendares, Admissions Director

Ms. Bernadette Lorda, Alumni Director

Ms. Jennifer Carr, Transitional Kindergarten (TK)

Ms. Jeanne Keene, Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Laura Lyn “Mika” Cabar, Kindergarten Associate Teacher

Mrs. Alexandra Rynes, 1st Grade Teacher

Mr. Charles Cecilia, 2nd Grade Teacher

Ms. Zoe Zabarte, 3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Stephanie Bergland & Mrs. Kaytlyn Frumerman, 4th Grade Teacher

Ms. Jacqueline Emmerich, 5th Grade Teacher

Mr. Alan Layug, 6th Grade Homeroom/6th-8th Social Studies/6th Religion

Ms. Alicia Scofield, 7th Grade Homeroom/6th-8th Math/7th Religion

Mrs. Judith Shilstone, 8th Grade Homeroom/6th-8th Language Arts

Ms. Jessica Yates, 6th-8th Science Teacher

Mrs. Miriam Kane, Music Teacher

Mr. Dimitrios Tsokas, PE Teacher/Athletic Director

Ms. Anna Jayo, Assistant Athletic Director

Ms. Jenifer Lake, Art Teacher

Ms. Rebecca Puddington, Librarian

Mrs. Jeanine Wiater, School Counselor

Mrs. Morgan Sweeney, Resource Teacher

Mme Marie Picard, French TK-3 Teacher

M. Cyril Palomo, French 4-8 Teacher

Mrs. Michelle Bisson, K-8 Computer Teacher


Ms. Katie Obell, TK Aide
Ms. Shannon Bernsten, 1st Grade Aide
Ms. Jennifer Jung, 2nd Grade Aide
Ms. Cindi Conway, 3rd Grade Aide
Ms. Kayo Nakagome, 4th & 5th Grade Aide
Ms. Bernadette Lorda, Middle School Aide
Mrs. Liza Burgos, Playground Aide

Mrs. Maria Hoyt, Coordinator

Mrs. Julia Villasenor, Teacher


Rev. Juan J. Gonzalez , S.M., Pastor

Mrs. Mertenesh Asrat, Parish Secretary

Mrs. Marilyn Fischer, Controller

Mrs. Miriam Kane, Piano Teacher

Mrs. Lynn Oakley, Violin Teacher

Mr. Omid Assadi, Violin Teacher

Ms. Carol Rice, Cello Teacher


Mr. Jose Meza


Continued Education for Teachers

Ten full-time teachers hold teaching credentials and Masters degrees. The average teaching experience for full-time and part-time teaching staff is 13.5 years with an average of eight years at NDV. Teachers attend in-services and workshops on a regular basis to keep current on educational research and methods.

Teacher Appreciation

Every year, the NDV Parents’ Association recognizes the hard work our teachers give by preparing a delightful feast and gift bags. Separately, parents and students have also gifted generously.