Second Grade!

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  • February 6, 2019

Congratulations to all of the second graders on receiving their First Reconciliation.
We are proud of you and walk beside you as you continue on your faith journey.
This memorable time in your life is a beautiful milestone that brings you closer
to God and his loving mercy. Thank you to all of the parents who have partnered
with us in making this a meaningful  sacrament for all of our students.

Our second graders are once again busy this month celebrating Chinese New Year
with red paper lanterns and a class discussion of how the animals of the Chinese
zodiac earned their positions.  We had a delightful time learning about the different
personal aspects of each zodiac animal. The Year of the Pig is beneficial to everyone
since it signifies a time when good decisions, challenging projects, and long-term
commitments come to completion.

The second graders are currently learning about sound waves and the mechanics
of the ear. We have learned how sound waves travel through air, water and solid
objects. Using tuning forks, we have experienced hands-on examples of vibrating
objects and the variety of invisible sound waves traveling through the air and to
our ears. Our next experiment will be to involve the students in making the
invisible sound waves “visible” using a surprising technique.

Our classroom art gallery within our hallway showcases the latest works of
art by our talented second graders. Each student has studied Vincent van Gogh’s
Starry Night and has created their own version of this famous painting.
To deepen each second grader’s learning experience, the students have also written
their own reports about Vincent van Gogh and his very sad and dramatic life.
As a special treat, the class watched a mesmerizing video of an artist who
recreated the Starry Night image using  paint on  dark water.



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