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drawing NDV's academic, cultural, community, and religious programs are oriented toward a series of specific goals. By graduation, NDV students are encouraged to be:

Active Christians who:

  • willingly take part in Catholic faith-development activities
  • show compassion for God's people by embracing ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity
  • actively participate in all school liturgies
  • respect God's creation of life, through their involvement in community-outreach activities

Effective Communicators who:

  • listen and read critically, as well as reveal understanding in a concise and coherent way, through both oral and written expression
  • use different media (art and technology) to convey knowledge
  • demonstrate compassionate listening skills

Responsible Citizens who:

  • respond with empathy and compassion to all
  • model appropriate behavior
  • show an interest in and an awareness of global issues
  • create an environment where student achievement is respected and supported by each member of the classroom, regardless of his or her learning style

Lifelong Learners who:

  • are self-directed
  • are curious and motivated to seek knowledge independently and apply that knowledge to new situations
  • develop an appreciation for the arts and technology
  • know how to access, evaluate, and use information
  • continue to build upon the foundation of their elementary school experiences