February Update

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  • February 13, 2019

Greetings from Middle School Technology!

We have had an exciting and productive second trimester. Here is what we have been working on:

6th Grade – My Vacation Project: Students have been learning how to leverage technology to help them plan a dream vacation. Each student or pair of students have been given a budget and tasked with planning a vacation to a place they have never been before. Our first step was to create an automated budget calculator using Google Sheets to help students quickly figure out how much of their budget they were planning to spend. Next, students explored flight and hotel aggregation websites and read about travel seasons to figure out when and where they would travel. Students then had to find at least three activities to do at their vacation destination. At least one activity must have cultural or historical relevance that they will have to explain. We then learned how to create a custom Google map with all of our vacation plans laid out to help figure out local transportation options. Finally, students are currently working on putting all of this information together in a multimedia presentation with Google Slides. We’re excited to present our plans in class in the coming weeks!

7th Grade – Multimedia Museum of African American Inventors: In celebration of Black History Month, we are creating a gallery of narrated animations about different African American inventors. Students have been assigned an inventor to research and create an animation-heavy Google Slides presentation about. We will then create narrated screen recording videos of these presentations that we will then turn into augmented reality experiences. Once we’re finished, we will have a class gallery walk to learn more about the important contributions of African American inventors throughout history.

8th GradePersuasive Techniques in Advertising: We began this study of advertising and its impact on our lives by learning about persuasion techniques. Drawing from the work of Aristotle, we looked at examples of ethos, pathos, and logos as they are applied by advertisers in commercials. Students then read about other common persuasion techniques and did an analysis of advertisements they find in their lives in different mediums – TV, streaming, social media, and websites. Our next step is to apply what we have learned about persuasion techniques by creating two advertising campaigns – one political and one commercial. Students choose whether to create print ads with Pixelmator graphic design software or video ads with iMovie. Of course, some students will choose to combine these tools when creating their ads (we love ambition!).

What’s Next?

As we move into the third trimester, here is what we will be looking forward to in Technology classes:

6th Grade: Data Collection and Visualisation with Google Forms

7th Grade: Creating a How-To Screencast Video to help Struggling Students

8th Grade: 3D Modeling with SketchUp

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