December News

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  • January 6, 2020

Welcome Back from Christmas Break and I hope everyone had a wonderful time making memories with their families. We had a lot of fun before break learning and being apart of some extra special projects. We took part in the Gubbio project and making lunches for people in need. We also had our second cultural lesson presented by Elia’s family and we learned about Hanukkah. The official sign-up will be out soon so keep an eye out for it on your email and Class Dojo. Please check Class Dojo too for classroom weekly updates and pictures.

What we have been learning this month:

ELA: SuperKids – endings (-ing, -ed), ck, k, and blends

Math: Measuring with different types of measuring tools (centimeter cubes, rulers, pipe cleaners, etc). Gathering, sorting, organizing, and graphing data. Answering questions about the collected data. 

Science: Learning about different types of weather (snowy, cold, warm, etc)

Social Studies: Holidays around the world: Italy, Mexico, Netherlands

Religion: Advent, the birth of Jesus, and the holy family

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