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Learning in Full Swing!

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May is a very busy month here in 4th grade! We are preparing for two amazing field trips. One will enhance student knowledge about California Native Americans and the other will allow the students to explore the great outdoors and get the chance to appreciate nature.

We welcome back Mrs. Frumerman from maternity leave and thank Mrs. Sweeney from the bottom of our hearts for her service to our 4th grade classroom!

We will continue to learn about fractions in math and  energy in science. We have also started reading the book Bud not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis. The students are really enjoying Bud’s charismatic nature and his humorous view on the world. We are having so much fun, and we look forward to all that May has in store! 

6th Grade Trip to Athens!

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We arrived safely in Athens! While visiting the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, students played a game that showed the connections between Greek mythology and English words they use and know…

Students enjoyed talking to the oracle at the Temple of Apollo…next stop-the Parthenon!

April Update – Yosemite and Projects

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In April the 6th graders took a week long trip to Yosemite. This was definitely a highlight for the year for myself and the students. We all learned so much about Yosemite, each other, and ourselves. This is a trip we take every year in 6th grade as part of the science curriculum. Below is a picture of the class waiting to go out on trail.

While the 6th graders and I were enjoying being in nature, the 7th and 8th graders worked diligently on projects where they end up teaching the class. The 7th graders researched living organisms while the 8th graders investigated the mysteries of space. Part of the project requires the students to come up with activity to enhance their presentation. Students were especially creative this year.

In 7th grade we simulated a bacterial disease spreading throughout a population, viewed pond water to find protists and also sampled protists (ice cream and chips), modeled spore dispersal for fungi and played “Mold the Bread”, potted our own plants, and made observations of living animals. Below are two pictures from some of the activities.


In 8th grade we played “Orbital Race,” a game where “moons” raced around “Earth” by answering a series of moon cards and conducting task cards. Another group created a relay race to fill out the life cycle of a star, which was played many times. Below is a picture of one group presenting on the characteristics of stars and then another group trying to match star descriptions to star photos.


All About April!

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Can you believe that there are only 24 days until Kindergarten is over?! Neither can we! April was a super busy month, despite having our Spring Break.  Here are some photos of what we’ve been up to in Kindergarten:

Practicing for our next music performance in the MKG Auditorium this spring!

Kindergarten is so COLORFUL! (T-Shirt Day – Rainbow themed)

Shake, Spill, Count math game with Dot Markers!

Pair Share reading – Olivia & Milo reading books they authored about animals that lay eggs

More Pair Share reading – Stella & Mia

Kinders love recess in the sun!

Kuba working on his self portrait in Art

Oliver & Zoë adding their Lenten prayers to our cross in the St. Peter Chanel Chapel



Happy Friday Jr.!

-The K Team

Les 7th graders en action!

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nous venons de commencer les films d’animation en 7th grade. Les étudiants créent leurs personnages et prennent des photos, beaucoup de photos, encore plus de photos, pour leurs films d’animation.

Enormément d’enthousiasme et de créativité sont déployés dans la classe de français!


à bientôt pour d’autres aventures…



Collaborating with G Suite

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Working on shared documents can be fun and challenging as students learn how to work for a common goal using Google Apps. Recently, students in fourth and fifth grades finished making Infographics about a country they studied in small groups using Google Drawings. Now, fifth graders are working in pairs on If Then Adventure Stories that have different paths and endings in Google Slides. Collaborating on shared documents is very social and successful group work is as much about the process as the product.

Students work together in class on shared documents.

5th Grade in the Spring

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Spring has sprung and fifth grade is continuing to bloom!

The class finished the novel Rules and completed amazing dodecahedron projects to share what they learned throughout the book. Students have begun a new research project in Language Arts. Using their newly developed Cornell note skills, they have been researching the impacts natural disasters have on the people and places in which they occur. They will write their own Public Service Announcements about their chosen natural disasters.

We have graduated from adding and subtracting fractions to multiplying and dividing!

In Social Studies, we wrapped up our colonial unit with an amazing colonial day event. The class participated in activities such as boat making, butter churning, and even a tea party! We then learned all about the events leading up to and the consequences of the Revolution. We are now diving deep into our state projects and learning the 50 states and their capitals.

While learning about the sacrament of Eucharist, we created sketches of what Eucharist means to us. Those sketches were beautified with pastels and water color to create unique works of art.

After our trip to the Planetarium, we continued our space unit with Mystery Science experiments. One of which helped us to discover how high we could jump on a planet other than Earth.

Fifth grade has also been very active off campus this spring! In March, the students took a field trip to the symphony to experience animals through music. We also took to the stage at Archbishop Riordan’s Choral Festival, where fourth and fifth grade sang a beautiful number that captivated the audience. Finally, we adventured across the bay to Angel Island for a picturesque day of exploring and an informative tour of the Immigration Station on the Island.

Happy Easter!