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January News

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January was a very busy month. We enjoyed being able to view the science fair and talking to 7th graders about their science projects. We learned about Martin Luther King Jr. and made a wonderful poster honoring him. Our Sunday class mass was a wonderful success and thank you to all the students who participated they were amazing.  We had a fun-filled Grandparents/Grandfriends day.

What we have been learning this month:

ELA: SuperKids – Long-vowels with super -e, adding endings (-s, -ing,-ed), 

Math: place value with tens and ones, two-digit numbers, using dimes and pennies as tens and ones, and identifying 10 more, 10 less, 1 more, 1 less. 

Science: animals, camoflauge, 

Social Studies: Marin Luther King Jr., Ruby Bridges, past and present

Religion: Jesus teaches us about love,= and the sequence of mass

December News

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Welcome Back from Christmas Break and I hope everyone had a wonderful time making memories with their families. We had a lot of fun before break learning and being apart of some extra special projects. We took part in the Gubbio project and making lunches for people in need. We also had our second cultural lesson presented by Elia’s family and we learned about Hanukkah. The official sign-up will be out soon so keep an eye out for it on your email and Class Dojo. Please check Class Dojo too for classroom weekly updates and pictures.

What we have been learning this month:

ELA: SuperKids – endings (-ing, -ed), ck, k, and blends

Math: Measuring with different types of measuring tools (centimeter cubes, rulers, pipe cleaners, etc). Gathering, sorting, organizing, and graphing data. Answering questions about the collected data. 

Science: Learning about different types of weather (snowy, cold, warm, etc)

Social Studies: Holidays around the world: Italy, Mexico, Netherlands

Religion: Advent, the birth of Jesus, and the holy family

November News

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break and that you enjoyed your time with your families. we have learned a lot in November and had a lot of fun. We even had our first cultural lesson of the year this month. Oliver S’s grandma was visiting from Japan and alongside Oliver’s mom, they taught us about Japan. We learned a dance and made a beautiful origami flower with them as well. The Cultural sign-up list will go out at the beginning of February and I encourage parents to sign-up.

What we have been learning this month:

ELA: SuperKids – rhyming words, endings (-ng, le, le,), endings (-ed)

Math: adding 3 numbers together by making 10 first, word problems, making 10,

Science: Weather and shadows

Social Studies: Symbols of the United States

Religion: Learning about giving thanks and about Jesus and how he grew up in a family


October News

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It was wonderful meeting with all of you during our parent-teacher conferences this month. The book fair was also a great success with lots of fun to choose from. Also thank you so much for all of the families that donated books to our classroom. It was much appreciated and the students were excited to add them to our classroom library. Halloween was also a lot of fun and the kids looked great in their costumes. Check the photos out on our private ClassDojo page.

What we have been learning this month:

ELA: SuperKids – Short vowels, memory words, and blends

Math: adding and subtracting within 10 and solving for unknown addends

Science: weather and science investigation tools.

Social Studies: symbols of the United States

Religion: God and his creation, the blessed trinity,



Second Grade

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Qu’est ce que tu as perdu?

Second Graders lost their favorite pets and learned how to ask questions to get information. We are about to start our very last chapter of the year: Oú  veux tu partir en vacances?


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We celebrated our all students artistic accomplishments on May 2nd with a wonderful exhibition & lovely evening!  Lots of talent from all of our students was on display.  Here are just a few great photos from the evening.