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1st Grade

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First graders love singing the song by Albin Le Lait “Bonjour Comment Ca Va”. They are able to count to 10, talk about their brothers, sisters as well as their pets. We are currently learning about “Quest ce que c’est?” (what is this?) and new vocabulary about the classroom.

3rd Grade

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3rd graders have been working on verbs to have and to be over the past week. They also learnt a lot of new adjectifs such as timide or content. We are currently studying all the countries around the world where you can speak French and the different nationalities.

2017 Summer School – Math and Science

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Over the last two weeks some students came back to NDV for a math review and science enrichment. For the math review, students went over basic foundational skills involving decimals, fractions, proportions, and algebra. One group of students investigated what would happen when people are presented with a calorie food menu vs. an exercise food menu – would they change their order and choose healthier options once they saw how long they would have to exercise? Another group calculated the number of minutes people would have to exercise depending upon the restaurant and the exercise they conducted. The last group of students investigated whether the International Olympic Committee should change racing events so that distances are proportional to athletes heights. Below is an image of each group presenting and sharing their results to the class – they all did an amazing job.


For science enrichment, students learned about roller coasters through creating their own paper roller coasters. We watched videos and discussed the fundamentals of potential energy, kinetic energy, and speed. Once the roller coasters were completed, students conducted a speed experiments to calculate which parts of the coaster were the fastest. Below are a few images of groups with their roller coasters.