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5th Grade in the New Year

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5th grade has had a fun and busy start to the new year!

After weeks of hard work, students recently presented their science fair projects on plant tropisms and did a wonderful job! We have also begun our science unit on the mysteries of space which we kickstarted with a trip to the Planetarium at the Academy of Sciences.

Students are reading the novel Rules, a heart-felt book about a girl and her younger brother who has autism. This book has sparked many interesting questions and discussions among students.

During Catholic Schools Week, we combined our writing unit on “how-to” articles and the theme of learning, serving, leading, and succeeding at a Catholic school to create wonderful writing pieces accompanied with a fun art project.

Students have learned much about adding and subtracting fractions in math and will be delving into multiplication and division of fractions in the next couple of weeks.

Coming up in February, fifth grade will be learning more about the 13 original colonies and what daily life was like. We will end our unit at the end of the month with “Colonial Day” in 5th grade. Students will dress like colonial kids and enjoy a day filled with different activities that school-age children enjoyed during colonial times. Pictures to come!

October Music Notes

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We kicked off October with a prayer service for the blessing of the animals on the school yard on Oct. 4.  It concluded with the 2nd Graders leading the student body in a joyous refrain of All the Ends of the Earth.  Les Anges Children’s Choir is currently 42 singers strong, 12 of which were first-time choristers at this past Sunday’s 1st Grade Family Mass.  They sang their hearts out for an entire Mass (this is no small task!), including a beautiful presentation of a joint song with our NDV Adult Choir entitled A Two-Part Alleluia.  The 6th Graders are busily preparing for both our school Mass on Friday, Oct. 21 as well as their Class Mass on Sunday, Oct. 28.  Some students are training to serve as cantors, and everyone is excited to present their class song of praise entitled Nothing Ever (Could Separate Us).  Our 4th Grade Children’s Choir did an amazing job leading the school at their first Mass as our school’s choir at the end of September.  They will be presenting at all our school Masses this year.  Thankfully, they are like little sponges, quickly soaking up all the new church music I’ve been teaching to them.  It’s absolutely amazing and inspiring!

As you can see (and hopefully hear from your kids singing at home!), we’ve been very busy learning a lot of new songs to liven up our Mass celebrations as well as revisiting some of our old favorites.

Of course, October wouldn’t be complete without some crazy, spooky Halloween music!  Five Little Pumpkins, The Pumpkin March, Dem Bones, and What Would You Do? are just a few of the festive tunes we’ve been conjuring up!  We’ve slowly added some rhythm instruments to the kids’ expressive singing and ta-dah!…now we’re really having some fun! The older kids have been reviewing musical terminology and brushing up on their note-reading skills in hopes of winning a round of Musical BINGO!

All 56 piano students have settled in with their new instructor and we are now smoothly chugging along!  They’ll be selecting their Christmas song in the coming weeks in preparation for the piano recital in December.

Stay tuned…next month, here comes The Turkey Woogie!!

3rd Grade 10/12

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Hello Parents & Guardians!

Happy Friday! In third grade this week…. 🙂

  • Spelling: Since we had the previous Monday off for Columbus Day, no spelling words were assigned.
  • Math: In math this week students interpreted the quotient as the number of groups or the number of objects in each group using units of 3. Our third graders also skip-counted objects in models to build fluency with multiplication facts using units of 4.
  • Religion: As many of you saw on Class Dojo, we have completed our rosary lap-books; they look awesome! We also made our own rosary which we will continue to use as practice.
  • Social Studies: This week we discussed mountains and their effects on plants, animals, and the weather. We also discussed how elevation affects plant and animal life on a mountain. Ask your child what the timberline is on a mountain! 🙂
  • Grammar: This week we reviewed sentences. We discussed subjects and predicates, and what punctuation mark should be at the end of different sentences.
  • Science: We had mystery science again! We can tell (hopefully everyone agrees) that they LOVE mystery science. The activity this week was tasting apples and deciding whether or not it was tart or sweet. We had 4 different apples for each student to try: Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious and Honeycrisp.

We hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

All the best,

Ms. Zoë & Ms. Bianca

3rd Grade 10/1

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Hello Parents & Guardians!

Happy Monday! We cannot believe it’s already October; this school year has taken off! The third graders have been working so hard these past few weeks, Ms. Zoë and I are very proud.

  • Last week in math the third graders were introduced to decomposing math equations. This process helps those who prefer breaking larger numbers into smaller ones and then solving from there.

For example: 9×4 —– 9x(2+2)—– 9×2 + 9×2 = 9×4

  • In spelling, the word pattern of the week was homophones with the long e sound.
  • For science, our third graders participated in an awesome mystery science activity. The mysterious question was: Is this a science fruit or science vegetable? The students went to 5 different stations; each with either a fruit or vegetable. With toothpicks, the students picked and poked each fruit or vegetable. The third graders were looking whether or not the food item carried seeds or not. If there were seeds… science fruit! No seeds…. science vegetable! Our third graders loved this activity. There’s plenty of photos & videos on Class Dojo in case you missed it 🙂
  • In social studies the students prepared for their second test. Before their test, Ms. Zoë & I passed out their notes of encouragement from Back to School Night. A lot of students referred to their note during their test so that tells us it was a success -thank you, parents!
  • In religion, we have begun making our rosary lap-books! October is the month of the rosary so we are preparing our students every day. We encourage parents and guardians to discuss the rosary with their third grader. We know a lot of them have new information they’ve never heard before & would love to share!

We hope everyone has a great parent-teacher conference week!


Best wishes,

Ms. Zoë & Ms. Bianca


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Hello Parents!

September has been a wonderful month for our second graders.
In religion, we have learned much about Saint Francis of Assisi.
We learned that he was a wealthy knight who gave away all of
his material belongings to the poor and decided to help those in greatest
need. He had a  kind way with animals and taught others about the importance
of respecting our earth.

In social studies, we learned about Christopher Columbus and how
his initial plans to find a route to the Indies eventually helped him
land on America. Our second graders wrote creative reports about Columbus
on a white sheet of paper and then use that sheet to make their own
Christopher Columbus paper-ship!

The second graders integrated their art skills and science skills by
composing reports on leaves, trees, and photosynthesis.
Along with these scientific observations, each second grader created
a leaf-wreath using  vibrant and stunning watercolors as their medium.


Back to School 2018-19

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5th grade has been off to a great start! The students have been working hard as we continue to learn more about one another.

After their first week, fifth graders have already completed two STEM experiments focusing on teamwork and communication. They have been introduced to decimals in math and have started the pre-writing stage of their personal narratives. As students read our first class novel, Frindle, they are learning about the power of words and appreciation of those around you.

Our first school liturgy was a success as students focused on the message of mercy towards those around us. We will continue learning about the Kingdom of God through a variety of prayers, projects, and readings in the classroom.

Overall, the beginning of the school year has been a great success and I look forward to getting to know more about the class of 2022 this year!

-Ms. Emmerich

Vacation Fun from Ms. Jeanine

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Ms. Jeanine and her family went on vacation to Los Angeles earlier this year.  We had a great time.  What did you do on your vacation?  Hope it was awesome!

Claire with Herbie the Love Bug at the Petersen Auto Museum.

Claire and I with Lightening McQueen at the Petersen Auto Museum.

St. Vincent de Paul Church in Los Angeles, we went to the Vigil Mass and it was gorgeous!

We went to the El Capitan Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard to see “Beauty and the Beast”. Costumes from the dance scene were on display.

The Lumière candelabra prop from “Beauty and the Beast” was also on display at the El Capitan Theatre.

Beautiful gardens at the Getty Museum.

Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year from Ms. Jeanine

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The Wellness Center

The Wellness Center


Hope everyone had a wonderful summer vacation.  Looking forward to seeing all of you and your families back this school year.  Recess Buddies will begin the second week of school.  If you would like to sign up, please have your parents complete the enrollment form in your packet of forms.

We will begin Comix Club meetings after school on Friday September 1st.  Comix Club is open to 3rd to 8th graders.

RISE leader training will begin later this fall.  If you are interested in becoming a RISE leader, please see Ms. Jeanine.