April Update – Yosemite and Projects

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  • May 2, 2019

In April the 6th graders took a week long trip to Yosemite. This was definitely a highlight for the year for myself and the students. We all learned so much about Yosemite, each other, and ourselves. This is a trip we take every year in 6th grade as part of the science curriculum. Below is a picture of the class waiting to go out on trail.

While the 6th graders and I were enjoying being in nature, the 7th and 8th graders worked diligently on projects where they end up teaching the class. The 7th graders researched living organisms while the 8th graders investigated the mysteries of space. Part of the project requires the students to come up with activity to enhance their presentation. Students were especially creative this year.

In 7th grade we simulated a bacterial disease spreading throughout a population, viewed pond water to find protists and also sampled protists (ice cream and chips), modeled spore dispersal for fungi and played “Mold the Bread”, potted our own plants, and made observations of living animals. Below are two pictures from some of the activities.


In 8th grade we played “Orbital Race,” a game where “moons” raced around “Earth” by answering a series of moon cards and conducting task cards. Another group created a relay race to fill out the life cycle of a star, which was played many times. Below is a picture of one group presenting on the characteristics of stars and then another group trying to match star descriptions to star photos.


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