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November, 2018

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October ended on a fun note with a visit from award winning author & illustrator, Bethanie Murguia. Ms. Murgia engaged kindergarten, first and second grades with her drawings and a slide presentation sharing stories she had written when she was younger as well as sightings of unicorns! After reading her latest book, Do You Believe in Unicorns?, she answered questions about her writing and signed numerous books for the students. To discover more magic you can download the free app,!

The NDV 7th grade religion class this trimester studied the Mass more in depth and demonstrated their knowledge making booklets for younger students, designing posters of the four main parts, and creating slide show presentations. They began Halloween Day with their first grade buddies reading stories they had written in Language Arts. With the help of their buddies, they illustrated the storybooks.

Our Trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

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Every year in October, the Kindergarten and 8th grade students share a very special day together at a pumpkin patch in the beautiful Half Moon Bay.

Here are some photos from the fun-filled field trip this year!

Kindergarten and 8th Grade buddies group picture after jumping off of haystacks — super fun!

Piera (with her hay mustache) and Makai in front of the chicken coops.

Jesús as a spooky skeleton!

Dani being pushed in a wheel barrow by her big buddy Ava.

Apoline and Dino playing on the old farmer truck!

Kindergarten with their teachers, and some 8th graders jumping off the haystacks.


Zoë and Lily in front of a field of pumpkins!

Oliver Schaaf, Olivia, and their big buddy Aleksander!

Milo and his big buddy Franco!

Oliver Cordero and his big buddy Payton!


Kellan sitting on a giant pumpkin!


Lunch at the beach!

Luke and Madison

Auckland and Luca

Milo and Stella



-The K Team


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October has been a very exciting month in the Primary Library! The students have been enjoying books about apple picking and fall leaves. This month in the Primary library we are celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month and Halloween! We even hosted an award winning author and illustrator this month! Bethanie Murguia visited NDV and read her new picture book, Do You Believe in Unicorns? The children really enjoyed this special event.


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Fourth graders have been hard at work this past month! Working diligently in all subjects and growing as lifelong learners. We have started learning more about area and perimeter in math, and are currently reading Roald Dahl’s book The Witches. In Science, we can identify types of rocks and are even working on play all about rocks! We can’t wait to perform this play next month. In Social Studies, we’ve finished up a unit on California’s geography and are beginning to learn about California’s first people. Check out our beautiful paintings and writings about John Muir and our 4th grade tips on how to recognize Witches (based on our current novel study).


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Cong’s: goes out to the NDV Dragons boys soccer program. Four out of six teams made the semi-finals playoffs.

Following is the playoffs/ Finals schedules:

3rd grade BLUE: 1st place in there division play St. Brendan Sat. November 3rd @ West Sunset @ 11:00 am.

If they win they play in the City Finals Sat. November 10th @ West Sunset @ 9:00 am.

4th grade: 1st in place in there division play St Cecilia Sat. November 3rd @ West Sunset @ 9:00 am.

If they win they play in the City Finals Sat. November 10th @ West Sunset @ 11:30 am.

6th grade: 2nd in there division play St. Stephen Sat. November 3rd @ Minnie Lovie @ 12:00 pm.

If they win they play in the City Finals Sat. November 10th @ Minnie Lovie @ 1:00 pm.

7th grade: 2nd in there division play Cathedral School Sat. November 3rd @ West Sunset @ 10:00 am.

if they win they  play in the City Finals sat. November 10th @ 10:15 am @ Beach Chalet.

GOOD LUCK to all the teams: GO DRAGONS SOCCER.

Fall Tech Projects

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Students in K-5 Technology have been working on a variety of class projects this month including: slide shows, books, comics and posters.

  • Kindergarten made ABC Books in Pixie
  • 1st Grade made Name Poems in Pixie
  • 2nd Grade completed Halloween Counting Books in Pixie
  • 3rd Grade made Internet Safety Comics in Comic Life
  • 4th Graders are completing Digital Citizenship Posters in Google Drawings
  • 5th Graders are finishing slideshows about how to be Internet Awesome in Google Slides

LED Circuit Creatures with Edmo

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Happy Friday!

This week, the Kindergarteners had a special visitor from Edmo, which is a summer camp that does hands-on science lessons throughout the school year at schools throughout the city.  Ms. Marina came in and taught the Kindergarten about circuits!  They learned about the three main components of a circuit: 1) Power Source (battery), 2) Load (LED light), and 3) Conductor (wires). After the brief lesson, the students were given the time and freedom to create any type of creature or object that can light up.  Each student was given a coin battery and an LED light to add to their creations. Some students created little creatures and some built tents or houses!

Ms. Marina from EDMO introducing herself to Kindergarten!

A demonstration of a “Human” circuit.  The students gently squeezed their neighbors’ hands as the “electricity” flowed through the conductors from the power source and reached the load.

Working hard on their creations!


-The K Team