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As the school year comes to a close, I would like to congratulate the Class of 2018 on their many accomplishments at NDV.

I know that everyone is looking forward to summer vacation; however, I have a couple of reminders for the next school year.

  • Please keep your student’s educational assessment current (every 3 years) so that he/she can maintain his/her interventions.
  • Provide Mr. Nava ( with a copy of any educational assessment reports when your child is assessed so that he can be sure that your child receives the proper interventions.
  • Contact Mr. Nava at the beginning of next school year to arrange a Student Success Team (SST) meeting with your child’s teachers.  For Middle School students, remember that their SST meetings are Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at 7:30 a.m.
  • For those students who are graduating, have them contact the high school resource teacher to review the interventions that have been successful for them and to create an Action Plan for their new school year.
  • Continue to support your child and encourage him/her to be a self-advocate.

Best wishes for a happy and safe summer vacation!

Summer Information

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Wow, what a wonderful year it has been! I have enjoyed learning and growing with the fourth graders! We learned so much, and we had such a fun time. Thank you for an amazing year! 

It is with much anticipation and excitement that we are preparing for the upcoming school year. Our goal is to continue to uphold the mission and philosophy of the school by engaging students in meaningful learning experiences and inspiring the joy of learning! Please join us for an informational meeting on August 30th, 2018 at 6 pm to learn more about how 4th grade will work. We look forward to seeing you then.

Please also remember that the summer is an important opportunity for your child to continue developing their reading, writing, and math skills to better prepare them for fourth grade.  Below is a suggested list of various activities to encourage the process of learning during the summer vacation.


Continue to read daily   

Make frequent trips to the public library or book stores

Read appropriate news articles

Read books to a younger sibling at bed time

Ask your child questions about what he/she has read


Write lists of things to buy, places to go, and things to do In cursive

Keep a journal (on trips or at home), and write it in cursive

Write a ‘review’ of a movie in cursive


Practice your math facts every day!

Practice reading an analog clock

Look at the prices of things at the grocery store and round them to the nearest dollar.

Play mathletics!

While we encourage you to continue the process of learning during the summer we also hope that you enjoy some relaxing and special times together.  Have a great summer vacation and we look forward to an another amazing fourth grade year!