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My favorite…

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This week, with the Kindergarten, we have been reviewing some vocabulary about the animals of the farm, pieces of clothing, fruits & vegetables, sports, school subjects and recess activities…  They completed small sentences about what are their favorite in each category. Here are some of their creations!

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Voyages in Google Earth

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Google Earth is a powerful tool that gives students the ability to explore their world from different view points. In K-5 Computers we recently used Google Earth in the lower grades to navigate and take screen shots of our country, state, city, and school. In the upper grades, students learned how to enter latitude and longitude coordinates to find state capitals or go on a virtual safari. Exploring far away places using the new voyager tool in Google Earth was also a class favorite.

Projets de fin d’année

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Que se passe-t-il dans la classe de français lors de cette fin d’année ?


  • Les 8th graders, après avoir étudié l’Histoire de France en 3 semaines, travaillent sur des présentations de personnalités historiques telles que Marie Curie, Marie Antoinette, Louis  XIV, Napoléon, Louis Pasteur, les frères Lumières, etc…
  • Les 7th graders ont de la chance : ils travaillent sur des films d’animation (stop motion movies) avec les iPads et des personnages qu’ils ont créés.
  • Les 6th graders ont un peu moins de chance… ils travaillent sur la grammaire, les pronoms compléments et aussi la différence entre connaître et savoir. Tout un  programme.
  • Les 5th graders, eux aussi ont de la chance, c’est pas comme les 6th graders : ils viennent tout juste de finir leur projet de chansons sur BandCamp. Elles sont excellentes et très drôles.
  • les 4th graders travaillent sur l’anatomie sur quizlet. On fait des “Jacques a dit” et on s’amuse bien!

à très bientôt pour d’autres aventures!










Middle School Spring round up

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8th History

This spring, the 8th graders studied American reform movements and reformers of the mid-1800’s and also evaluated how they think America is doing in terms of reforming itself in this century to live up to the ideals in our founding documents.  They have also studied the course of the Civil War, as well as the speeches of Abraham Lincoln.  We’ll see who is up for the Gettysburg Address challenge (reciting the speech from memory for an added ‘A’ factored into the final Social Studies/History grade AND a Starbucks treat)!

7th History

The 7th graders just got back from a whirlwind trip to Florence where they studied the advances made in the Renaissance.  Prior to heading to Italy, they curated a Museum exhibit for younger students about the civilizations of Meso-America as well as comparing the culture of Samurai Japan to American culture today.  They have really worn out their passports this year!

6th History

The 6th graders are currently in Athens.  They have participated in putting together a broken sculpture in a marble workshop, designing a temple to Athena for the Acropolis, acting out a scene from Sophocles’ Antigone, and will soon participate in the Panathenaic Games.  They are thoroughly enjoying their time in Greece!

8th Religion

Confirmation on Sunday, May 6th was a great celebration!  Congratulations candidates!

End of the year projects & art show super success!!

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Our 2018 art show was so fantastic!  It was a wonderful showing of so many pieces of art from all of our students; I LOVE doing it every year & I get so proud of our awesome artists.  A hearty thank you to all of my parent volunteers giving their time & donations to help make the show such a success.

Currently we are starting to wrap up the year but have some great projects still to work on!

K- Learning about Henri Matisse & working on our paper cut collages

1st – We are beginning our summer torn paper flower collages

2nd – Making clay frames & self portraits, then making portraits of St Francis

3rd – We made yarn flower bouquets for mother’s day & we are going to make some bird scratch art

4th – Finishing Sheila Hicks weavings

5th – Painting Thiebaud paintings

6th – Beginning architectural dream homes

7th – Free clay days

8th – Banksy street art stenciling

We are excited to round out our school year with great projects!

Quarter 4 Projects

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6th Grade: Have been working hard on creating a volcano documentary. Groups have gotten very creative and even made up entire songs about their volcanoes. They will finish the year by creating a biome diorama and presenting them to the class.

7th Grade: Just started a research paper on the evolutionary history of a species of their choice. They are gaining in-depth knowledge about how evolution works and also refining their researching skills.

8th Grade: Are making a physics video lab in replace of a written lab write-up. Groups are investigating questions on speed, velocity, acceleration, and forces.

Looking forward to a fun end of the year!