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5th Grade News!

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As we move later into Autumn, things are changing in 5th grade! I have loved working with and getting to know the students so far! Here are a few updates:

We are reading a novel called Walk Two Moons in class. The students are enjoying getting to discuss the book in literature circles each week.

We just wrapped up our narrative writing unit and are moving on to informational writing. Students are learning how to research information and organize their findings coherently.

In math, we are learning about multiplying and dividing multi-digit numbers and decimals. The students are working hard in class as well as in “math club” on Fridays during lunch!

We had some spooky science fun on Halloween when we learned about the bones in our body and created “x-rays” of our hands. The fifth graders are finishing up their body system projects and are looking forward to presenting them to the class this week!

Students went back in time to become explorers on ships sailing for the new world during our social studies simulation in October. They are finishing up their reports on influential explorers and will present next week!

The first quarter was a big success and I know that quarter two will be just as great! Keep up the good work fifth grade!


Les Aventures (inédites) de Tintin

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Salut à toutes et à tous,

les 6th graders se sont transformés en Hergé en herbe pour créer des bédés inédites dont Tintin est le héro. Les meilleurs titres en cours :

  • Tintin à Hogwarts
  • Tintin et la baguette magique
  • Tintin contre le Père Noël
  • Tintin et le Titanic
  • Tintin en Pologne
  • Tintin et Canard Momo
  • Tintin sur Baker Street
  • Tintin à Chinatown
  • Tintin dans l’Atlantide