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Learning in 3D

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In K-5 Computer class at the end of the year we studied 3D design. In the lower grades students learned about 3D shapes using KidPix 3D and in the upper grades students made 3D houses using the program Lego Digital Designer. Designing in 3D with Digital Designer is challenging and at first students almost gave up but once they learned how to use the tools it was hard to get them out of the lab! Some students were so into building in 3D that they worked on it at home too (see example below). Students had to measure and use their creativity and problem solving skills in this activity. I look forward to doing more 3D projects in class next year. Have a great summer!


Thank you!

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Thank you and congratulations to all of my fabulous

Second Graders!  Thank you for another wonderful year

of learning together.  You all have grown so much-

physically, academically, and spiritually. Please continue

to read many books and practice your math skills over the

summer. I know you will  all be brilliant in third grade!