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CRS Rice Bowl Infographics

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Fourth and fifth grades recently finished making infographics in Technology Class. An infographic is an image that includes charts, diagrams and symbols to represent information. Students first learned about what to include and how to search for symbols, maps, charts, etc. Next, they researched one of the five countries (or Hawaii) that CRS Rice Bowl is helping this year and created an infographic in teams using Google Drawing. Teams also included one fact about how CRS is helping their country from reading and watching videos on the  CRS website. Their projects are now posted on the wall in the computer lab if you would like to check them out.


French club = les crêpes!

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Le dernier French Club de français en date a été particulièrement amusant, puisque nous avons fait des crêpes à la cafétéria. Au total, 100 ont sauté!

Un énorme merci aux étudiants qui ont aidé : Xarina, Léo, Grace, Mason, Anna S, Anna E, Kennedy, Seba, Ava, Caroline, Taylor D… qui j’oublie ?

[English below]




[We had a blast for ou last French Club meeting: we made crepes in the cafeteria and probably flipped about 100 of them. Thank you for your hard work: Xarina, Léo, Grace, Mason, Anna S, Anna E, Kennedy, Seba, Ava, Caroline, Taylor D… Hope I am not forgetting anybody.]



4th Quarter Preview

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With the 3rd Quarter finished, here is a preview of how we will finish out the year in Middle School Computers:

6th Grade is working on a group Survey-to-Infographic project where they will poll their peers with a survey in Google Forms, then take their polling data and create an informative Infographic with their findings.

7th Grade is working on a group How-To Video project where they are tasked with creating a How-To instructional video that focuses on skills, tasks, or helpful tips that will assist incoming 6th graders in adjusting to Middle School.

8th Grade is learning how to use a compact, yet versatile image editing program on the iPads called Pixelmator by creating their own business cards. Later this quarter, they will finish their portfolio websites and practice 3D modeling.