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Computer Science Education Week

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NDV students are working and playing hard preparing for Computer Science Education Week December 5th -11th. Once again, our school will host an Hour of Code. An Hour of Code is an international celebration of Computer Science sponsored by a non-profit dedicated to expanding student participation in computer science. This event may only last an hour but we dedicate a month of study to coding starting today.

Below are some of the resources we use for coding.
Khan Academy

What we are learning this year in music!

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Introduction of differing musical tempi, tones, terms and expressions.
Matching movement to sounds, composing singable sentences and identifying songs which are for specific purposes such as birthdays, holidays, and liturgical services.

First grade

Furthering musical narrative with story songs, rounds and learning how we respond to our world through musical expression.
How moods are communicated through music and how practicing song and movement improves our performing it.

Second grade

Introduction of solfege singing and hand signs, and partner songs.
Learning to identify the uses of specific music in daily or special events as well as in liturgical celebrations.
Planning and participating in the music for First Reconciliation services.
Learning how to respond to a performance with appropriate audience behavior.

Third grade

Learning how to talk about music using Musical terminology.
How sounds are produced in differing instrument families.
Basic notation values and their corresponding rests, and an introduction of learning to sing harmony through culturally diverse song literature.

Fourth grade

What is a composer?
What is a musician?
How is music created by them and by each of us?
Choral festival participation in conjunction with fifth grade.
Identifying how various cultures in California influence music in our State.
How do we evaluate our own musical performances before and after practicing?

Fifth grade

Introduction to the recorder.
Choral festival participation in conduction with fourth grade.
Reading/performing music as a large ensemble both vocally and with recorders.
Focusing on how music has a vital role in community and liturgical events.

Sixth grade

What makes a piece of music a work of art?
What makes a piece of music exemplary?
Group instrument participation and introduction of accompanying other singers or musicians.
Performing multiple vocal line singing, and expanding of vocal literature.

Seventh grade

Cantor preparation and participation in helping to lead student masses.
Performing music from diverse genres and cultures.
Musical papers, projects , and presentations focusing on a variety of themes including America specific musical genres, iconic musicians, and mentoring younger musicians.
Identifying musical careers and how music is adapted for use in film, video, radio, and television.

Eighth grade

A full Spring musical theater production.

Keyboarding and the Common Core

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It’s not the most popular activity but keyboarding is still one of the most important skills students learn in K-5 computer class. What many people don’t know is that keyboarding is also in the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts. I found this blog post by an English teacher, Keyboarding Skills and the Common Core helpful in understanding more about how keyboarding is embedded in the standards and thought I would share it.