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8th Grade Trip to the Exploratoirum

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Last week the 8th graders went to the Exploratorium for the day. They had a wonderful time and learned a lot. Some favorite activities were the brain games against each other.

IMG_2778Enjoying the mist off the bay.IMG_2813Working as a team to set a new high score for the day.IMG_2829Brain game fun!

IMG_2787Describing shells to each other and trying to guess the correct one.

IMG_2805Exploring hills and slopes.

IMG_2825Voting for their favorite team – red or blue!

20160525_102834Plants that respond to touch.

20160525_114526From the “leave an item, take an item” bowl, $100 was taken!

iMovie Book Trailers

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This week in technology class we are combining two of our student’s favorite things books and iPads to make iMovie Book Trailers. Book Trailers are short book reviews that can be created on the iPads using templates in iMovie. First, students pair up based on their reading interests and decide on a book they want to review. Next, they select a movie trailer template in iMovie and begin the planning process using a provided outline and storyboard. Each group needs to create a compelling summary of their book without giving away the ending!

After planning their stories students take photos and video on the iPads and act out important parts of their books. They can also use images from the internet (from royalty free sources) to illustrate points as needed. The last step is to create a voiceover track that complements their images to tell their story.

The iMovie book trailers are off to a great start but will take a few class sessions to complete—check back later for more updates on the technology blog.

I will miss you class of 2016!

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As the year comes to a close, and we work on our last project in 8th Grade History about the Immigration and Industry in the late 1800’s to the turn of the century, I am preparing to send you off to your high school history classes, hopefully armed with essay-writing skills, critical thinking skills, and a love of history!  I will miss you guys!


Thank you!

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Thank you parents and students for a great year! As we come to the end of the school year, the 4th graders are wrapping up their learning with fun projects. Be sure to ask the students how it’s going!

Mrs. Buford will be also be stopping by to fill the students in on what they need to complete over the summer. This will help them be better prepared for 5th grade and beyond!

C’est (presque) la fin de l’année!

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Que font nos étudiants ?

les 8th graders apprennent l’Histoire de France.

les 7th graders font un film d’animation.

les 6th graders font de la grammaire. (conjugaison)

les 5th graders font aussi de la grammaire (adjectifs possessifs)

les 4th graders travaillent sur des présentations de monuments célèbre (google.slides)